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Argan Oil Benefits for Your Beauty Routine - Okay Life
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Argan oil is a multi-tasking oil. You can use it to your skin, hair, and even nails. This oil is favored not only because of the argan oil benefits but also because of its characters like lightweight and capable of sinking in effortlessly.

There are many ways you can benefit from argan oil. This oil carries antioxidants and vitamins and you need to know the best ways to use argan oil in your everyday beauty routine

Argan Oil for Beauty Routine

No matter what beauty routine you do every single day, argan oil is going to optimize it. Here are many ways you can use argan oil and benefits from it.

1. Use Argan Oil for Facial

Argan oil has lots of nutrients that will not affect its weight. This oil also won’t clog your pores. Study also stated that this oil has the anti-inflammatory effect which means you can use argan oil to improve the wound healing and repair skin’s barrier.

Applying argan oil to your face skin means you are allowing the vitamin E and fatty acids in it to boost your skin’s moisture levels and improve your skin’s texture. This multi-tasking oil is also safe for the acne-prone areas of your face.

2. Leverage Argan Oil as Cuticle Oil

Improving nails in routine manicures will be more effective by the help of argan oil. To have healthy nails, it is crucial to take care of the cuticles. If you can keep your cuticles hydrated, clean, and healthy, your nails will be free from cracking, dryness, and infection.

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Hydrating cuticles regularly can help. Or, you can leverage the argan oil benefits. The vitamin E and fatty acids in the argan oil that can hydrate your skin will also moisturize your cuticles. Since it is lightweight and can be absorbed easily, you will never feel greasy after applying argan oil.

To use this oil you only need to apply it directly to the cuticles. Then massage the cuticles until it is fully absorbed. A minute a day will doing this routine will give you the healthiest nails.

3. Apply Argan Oil to Get Healthier Hair
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Overnight treatment is an awesomely effective treatment, especially for hair. For your upcoming overnight hair conditioning treatment, try to use argan oil as your hair mask. As an overnight hair mask, this oil must be applied from your scalp to your hair ends.

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Once you’re done applying the oil, wrap your head with a wrap or microfiber towel. This way helps you keep your pillow free from oil and help you sleep better. In the morning, wash your hair and style it as usual.

4. Use Argan Oil to Fix Split Hair Ends

All hair types can benefit from argan oil, but especially the dry and damaged one. Argan oil’s fatty acids are capable of locking the moisture into your hair follicle. Though argan oil couldn’t reverse the split hair ends, this oil can improve your hair’s appearance.

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Applying this oil routinely as a hair mask will transform your hair appearance. For example, if your hair is over processed severely, the ends will look gummy and fragile when your hair is wet. The use of argan oil will create a silky and smooth look to your hair ends

5. Treat Your Acne Scar with Argan Oil

Among so many argan oil benefits, this one’s is my favorite. Argan oil is able to sooth the inflammation while modulating the skin’s oil production at once. This oil will help limit the blocked pores while easing the acne triggers.

If you have problems with acnes, dry and damaged hair, dry skin, and even dry cuticles, argan oil is your one stop beauty routine solution.

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