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Best Exercise While Pregnant That You Can Do - Okay Life
Exercise While Pregnant

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Exercise while pregnant is one of the main keys to maintaining the health of pregnant women and the fetus. Not only that, but regular exercise during pregnancy can also support the labor process to make it smoother later.

During pregnancy, you will usually easily feel tired or feel certain complaints. But this should not discourage you from continuing to exercise, because exercise during pregnancy is very important to maintain the condition of the body and the condition of the fetus to stay healthy.

In addition, exercise during pregnancy is also good for supporting fetal brain development. For pregnant women who are diligent in exercising will have a very good effect on the babies they are born with because babies born to mothers who are diligent in exercising will have a higher IQ.

One of the sports that can be done is pilates. Pilates is a sport that functions to build core muscles through a series of equipment and floor exercises.

It usually starts with the first session focused on building strength and continues with testing the body’s balance.

Safe Exercise While Pregnant

Best Exercise While Pregnant
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You can also do sports like yoga while pregnant. Yoga is one of the best sports that you do when pregnant. Because this exercise can build strength and balance, maintain muscle flexibility, reduce blood pressure, and teach how to manage to breathe for the baby’s birth process.

Another activity that can also be done when pregnant is walking. This exercise can make you move and build upper body strength by swinging your arms, and your heart will be pumping as a result of the steps. Walking can be applied to exercise while pregnant for those who don’t want yoga or pilates.

For water sports lovers, you can still do training in the water when pregnant. Sports that can be done for those who are pregnant are swimming or water aerobics.

In practice, there will be a series of prenatal exercises that are useful and also focus on building core strength.

After you swim, you no longer need to make changes to your routine. In doing pregnancy exercise, you are strongly discouraged from pushing yourself, because it will be very dangerous for yourself and the future baby in the womb.

Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy

Another safe sport for pregnant women to do is jogging. But when jogging, it must be at a comfortable speed and under one’s abilities, so that it is not forced. This exercise also has the same benefits as pilates, yoga, walking, and swimming.

When starting a sport there is no need to rush, for a start, do five minutes of stretching before training to help your muscles prepare for power. And for the last five minutes switch to a slower workout and stretch tense muscles.

Although exercise is important to do, there are certain conditions that make pregnant women advised to be careful when exercising or even avoiding sports. These conditions include high blood pressure, heart and lung disease, and other diseases.

Apart from these various types of sports, doing daily activities such as cleaning the house is also a good physical activity to keep the pregnant woman’s body active. But to stay healthy and fit you better exercise while pregnant for 30 minutes every day.




Exercise While Pregnant
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