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Best Hair Bun Styles for Wedding Inspiration - Okay Life
hair bun style for wedding

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Many women are looking for inspiration hair bun styles for weddings, this is because hairstyle affects comfort. Your overall appearance is supported by the hairstyle you choose. Because with that hairstyle you can change your appearance on a special day.

The wedding day is one of the most important days for the bride and groom. So, you don’t want to get short on your happy day.

That way you must be able to choose a hairstyle to look beautiful when walking on the altar and when making sacred promises.

You can find various hairstyles for weddings from many references, both from friends, magazines, and the mass media. Now, there are many references to wedding bun styles on social media, so you don’t need to be too dizzy thinking about it.

There are so many models of bridal hairdos, for example, like chignons. This hairstyle was created because it was inspired by the characters of princesses in fairy tales.

This hairstyle has a large shape and volume, so for those of you who don’t like voluminous models, you can look for other styles.

Selected Hair Bun Styles for Weddings

attractive hair bun style
Source : pixabay.com. Candid_Shots

For those of you who like volume hairdos, you can try the croissant chignon model or the loose chignon model. The loose chignon model is the same as the other chignon models, except that the bun is left loose or pulled out. If you want to use this model, then you must have long hair.

Owners of round or chubby faces, you don’t need to be jealous of those with thin cheeks. Because there are wedding hairstyles that you can wear when doing your happy day.

For example, with a low updo, this style is usually styled just below the hair. But you also must have long hair.

The low updo looks classic and simply, but it will look so beautiful when paired with an elegant dress. You can also use this hairstyle in a garden party-themed outdoor wedding.

For those of you who don’t really like classic or simple hairdos, you can try using twisted hairstyles. This model is usually formed with twisted braids or hairdos in a bun that uses a donut bun. You can also add accessories to enhance your hair.

Wedding Bun for Short Hair

chignon model
Source : pexels.com/@panditwiguna

Hair bun styles for weddings is not only for women with long hair, for those of you who have short hair don’t need to worry. You can use the twisted bun style more simply than the twisted bun for long hair.

Another hair bun that you can try is the low bun. This style is almost the same as a twisted bun, where you are made as if you have a bun at the bottom of your hair. You can add a donut bun, or you can use an artificial hair bun.

What’s more, now that many hairdressers have better skills, you can just show the sample bun that you want to use. And the sign stylist will do a good job. But keep in mind again, to get satisfying results you must be willing to spend sufficient funds.

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There are more and more styles of the bun to choose from, both for long hair and short hair. Even for those of you who have round or chubby faces and those of you who have thin faces. Due to the increasing and development of the era of hair bun styles for weddings models, it will also grow.




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