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Best Ideas for Highlighting Brown Hair Look More Stunning - Okay Life
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Highlighting your brown hair will give some dimension and shine. Brown hair gets the privilege to get the lightened strands from those who have blonde hair.

Won’t look as awesome as brown hair when they get highlighted. However, before highlighting brown hair, you must know the right color to choose.

If this is your first time getting highlights for your brown hair. You also need to learn how to care for and maintain your highlighted hair to keep the color last longer. Also, there is a preparation you may have to do such as bleaching before the applying highlight.

Highlighting Brown Hair with Assorted Colors

So many colors of highlight will make brown hair look more stunning. Below are some options you can consider to create a better look for your brown hair:

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Highlighting brown hair with ombre hair look stunning
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1. Ombre

The Ombre color will help you get a tinge of blonde or gold on your brown hair. Ombre hair will get gradual gradation starting from darker at your hair roots to the lighter color at your hair ends.

Brunette hair will be perfect with this color. Gold and blonde are not the only colors to create ombre for brown hair.

You are free to create ombre highlights in teal, pink, blue, or the other colors. If you just begin by highlighting your hair, ombre is the right choice since it doesn’t require you to color your hair roots. So it won’t require a higher maintenance.

When the ombre highlight on your hair starts growing out, there is no need to touch up your hair immediately. If you have never created ombre highlights before, get help from the professional to minimize the bleaching damage and create well blended gradual ombre.

2. Caramel

To get the warm tone in highlighting brown hair, caramel highlights are the best choice. Caramel is the color of dark blonde and is a perfect highlight color for those who have darker skin.

To get this highlight you are free to go to the professional or do it yourself at home.

If you prefer doing it yourself, consider a highlight product that is easy to use so you won’t be scared to try it yourself.

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3. Balayage

This color was developed in the 70’s by hair colorists from French. This highlight color gets more and more famous today. Since the word balayage itself means sweeping, the technique to get this highlight is the freehand streaking to create natural effect.

The natural effect will look perfect for all hair lengths including long hair, medium hair, and short hair.

Balayage is for darker hair that is going to get a lighter highlight. Brown hair with this highlight will get highlights that are lighter than blonde.

4. Red

If those ideas above are too soft for you, red highlight would be an awesome alternative. There are lots of ways to get this red highlight trend.

For example you can get dark brown hair with deep burgundy or auburn pops that are brighter.

Make sure you leave this red highlighting process to the professional hands who understand which red should be applied to fulfill your expectation.

5. Light brown

Unlike the previous idea, this one belongs to those who need a softer inspiration. Though it is not as bold as the other highlight colors, light brown is able to add lots of dimension to dark brown hair with less contrast.

If you are looking for a subtle and natural looking highlight, light brown is what you need.

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Have you decided which color you are about to try for the upcoming highlighting brown hair project? No matter what your final choice is, you need to tell the dyer what you desire clearly and thoroughly so that he’ll help you feel satisfied

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