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The Best Way to Fill Coronavirus Quarantine Time - Okay Life
coronavirus quarantine time

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The coronavirus quarantine time is quite long. The duration is for about two weeks or 14 days. Usually, doing that quarantine is a must, especially for you who have already come from other countries. It is also for someone who is positive for the virus.

For the Covid-19 patient, the isolation time can be longer. They have to do self-isolation for 2 weeks or until medically they are stated negatively.

After that, the patients still need to do a quarantine to ensure that they are really clean from the virus.

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During that time, your biggest enemy is for sure the bored feeling. It is normal since you need to stay in a room without going anywhere for a long time. To erase that feeling, it is better to fill the days with these interesting activities.

Watching Some Interesting Movies and Tv Shows

It is no doubt again that the interesting movies and TV shows will make your covid-19 quarantine time is easier. You could watch your favorite shows on TV. Streaming the new movies from Youtube is also a great idea to do.

Furthermore, there are so many platforms or applications that offer the service to stream many kinds of films. This activity will make you are happier than before where this thing is good for your immune system. How about watching the news?

It cannot be doubted that watching several news and updates about corona sometimes can be frightening.

That is why, you have to be smart in choosing the right information about everything. Make sure that it is not a hoax and not disturb your comfort.

Reading Some Books and Listening to Music

Some of you maybe love to read books. It could be an interesting activity to fill your coronavirus quarantine time. Just read any kinds of books that you like. The examples are like novels, short stories, fables, up to the comedy theme.

The point is that always choose the books which are not too heavy to read. Sometimes, reading funny memes will be able to kill your stressful feeling.

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If the book is not the right option, then try to entertain your ear by listening to the music.

It is not only the kinds of music but also other beneficial and fun shows to hear during the coronavirus quarantine time. The examples are podcasts, audiobooks, radio, and many more again. Nowadays, these kinds of events are easy to find.

How about the music? There are tons of options available right now. You may hear your favorite band or singer album. It is also a great idea to play instrumental or karaoke music to fill the time during the self-isolation period.

Meditation, Hypnosis, and Exercising

Best Exercises To Do At Home For Women
Source : freepik.com/gpointstudio

The self-isolation period can be used as a meditation and hypnosis moment. It is beneficial to make you are able to know yourself better than before.

For a beginner, it is recommended to do it only five minutes per day. It is quite easy, right?

To start, you can download some hypnosis and meditation applications. If it is not, get the guide from a video-sharing platform like Youtube.

How about exercising? In fact, it is so important during the coronavirus quarantine time to make you always healthy.

Exercise still be able to be done at home. It is especially for those who have an open space area there. Just do several simple exercises such as jogging, walking around the garden, sit up, and many more again.

Just like meditation and hypnosis, Youtube is a complete source to find any videos about exercising during isolation time. One thing for sure is that always know your health condition and limit to do exercise during coronavirus quarantine time.

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