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Homemade Natural Treatments for Hair Loss - Okay Life
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Natural treatments for hair loss are the way most people are always looking for. Hair loss is a natural thing that can happen to everyone, whether women, men, adults, or young people. Many people are always trying to keep their hair from falling out excessively.

Hair loss can occur for many reasons, such as mistakes in caring for and styling your hair, menopause, pregnancy, or side effects of drugs and there are many other causes. Because hair loss can be caused by various factors, treatment must be adjusted according to the conditions.

You can overcome hair loss in various ways, such as natural treatments. For example, like eating nutritious food. Foods that are good for hair care to be strong are foods that contain lots of vitamins, nutrients, protein, iron, and others.

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Apart from consuming foods that are high in vitamins, you can also try using egg whites as a mask. Although you won’t like the smell of raw eggs in your head, egg whites are high in protein.

Natural Ingredients for Treatment

How to use it is enough to mix one egg white then add one tablespoon of olive oil and honey. Mix the three ingredients evenly by shaking them, then just apply it on the hair from the ends to the roots and let it sit for 20 minutes, and finally rinse using warm water.

Take it easy for those of you who can’t afford the smell of raw eggs on your head, you can also try using a coconut mask. Because coconut milk is one way that you can use it as a natural treatment for hair loss.

Coconut milk contains protein which is useful for promoting hair growth so that the hair will be lush and dense and can be used to fight hair loss. The application of the coconut milk mask is also the same as the application of the egg white mask.

The use of aloe vera can be one of the efforts you can do to treat hair loss. The content of proteolytic enzymes found in aloe vera is very good for repairing dead skin cells on the scalp. This enzyme can also stimulate hair growth, prevent itchy scalp, reduce dandruff, and can improve hair overall.

How to Avoid Hair Loss

women uses hair dryer
Source : pixabay.com. RyanMcGuire

Besides using natural masks, you also must pay attention to the use of the right comb to comb your hair. Because the comb is also very influential in keeping hair from falling out. Then don’t get in the habit of combing your hair while it’s still wet.

There are still many ways that can be taken to avoid hair loss. For example, such as drying hair properly, reducing the intensity of hair dyeing, or even taking supplements such as vitamin A, B12, or vitamin E.

One thing you shouldn’t miss in treating hair loss is managing stress. Because hair loss is often caused by the stress we experience.

The stress that occurs can cause the hormones in the body to change, causing your hair to fall out.

Apart from avoiding hair loss, you also need to keep your hair smooth and nourished. You can do this by using honey. Use honey in your hair as a hair conditioner.

Not infrequently in today’s development, there have been many innovations launched in various fields including the treatment of hair loss. But for those of you who experience it, you can try doing natural treatments for hair loss.



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