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How to Color Your Hair Safely at Home - Okay Life
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Color your hair safely at home now as this will be an alternative for those of you who feel bored with your old appearance. Of course, many of you are afraid to go to the salon just to dye your hair during a pandemic like now. So, it’s not uncommon for you to find out how to dye hair safely.

Coloring hair is usually the choice that some people choose to change their appearance to make it look fresher and more confident.

All you have to do is buy hair dye, which is preferable to buying extra dye so that you don’t run out of dye while doing your dye.

The thing that you have to respond to when coloring your hair is what color you will choose. Because if you choose the wrong color it might not match. You should also keep in mind that Asian hair pigments are much darker.

Steps to Dye Your Hair Safely

The first step you can take when you want to dye your hair is an allergy test. You can do this by going to the doctor and doing it carefully.

If you have allergies, hair coloring will have a bad impact on your hair and scalp. Such as the dandruff, peeling skin, and hair loss.

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If it is certain that you do not have allergies to hair coloring, then you can continue by finding the hair color you want. You can also choose a hair color that looks good on you so that the results are not bad, and you don’t regret having done your hair coloring.

Then, you are also required to read clearly and understand it. The rules of use and important things that must be considered in hair dye packaging.

When doing the coloring, you should do it by looking at the glass, so you can see all the parts that haven’t been stained.

You can wear clothes that cover the body well when you dye your hair that does not hit the body. You are also advised to use plastic gloves to protect the skin from the hair dye. Don’t forget to provide a head covering that you can use when all the coloring stages are finished.

Pay Attention When You Dye Hair

how to dye hair

When you are going to dye your hair (with pictures), you are asked not to wash your hair before dyeing it. Because the natural oils from hair can serve to protect the scalp from irritation that might be caused by coloring agents.

Make sure you have to color your hair safely and according to the steps. You can also apply lip balm to the scalp near the hair.

The use of this lip balm serves to avoid paint stains on the scalp. Usually, cat stains that stick to the scalp are more difficult to clean.

When doing hair coloring try to divide the hair into several sections. Then you can start coloring with a distance of 2.5 cm from the scalp to the outermost part of the hair. After everything is even, then warn the inner hair closest to the scalp.

If, there is a dye stain on the scalp you should immediately clean it so that it is not difficult and imprints on the skin.

When finished and the dye is evenly distributed throughout the hair, let stand for 20-30 minutes. Then, rinse with a hair mask. You can use this method to color your hair safely and practically at home.




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