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How to Get Rid Dark Circles Under Eyes Naturally - Okay Life
Dark Circles Under Eyes

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Currently there are many dark circles under eyes remedies. This solution is because dark circles under the eyes are one of the problems that many complain about.

Dark circles can appear due to several causes, so when going to do their treatment you have to find out what causes them.

Recognize the cause, usually dark circles can arise due to fatigue or lack of sleep. But it does not rule out other causes, such as natural aging, dehydration, and allergies. So, you must make sure first what causes the eye circles that appear under your eyes.

One of the causes of dark circles is lack of sleep or rest. Because when you are tired, your blood circulation is affected. Which can cause dark circles to appear. That way you need to be able to pay attention and maintain your rest or sleep time.

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Improving sleep time is a natural remedy for getting rid of dark circles under the eyes. We recommend that you get at least eight hours of sleep a day.

If you are too stressed or suffer from insomnia, try to be able to exercise more to get better quality and quantity of sleep.

Dark Circles Remedies with Natural Ingredients

How to Create a Spa Day

As we get older, it can certainly cause black circles. This is because the level of skin elasticity has begun to decrease.

In this condition, it is usually caused by loss of fat as well as collagen, so that the vessels under the eyes are visible.

Cucumber Slices

You can anticipate the appearance of dark circles by doing treatments using cucumber slices. The method is very easy, namely by slicing it and then storing it in the refrigerator for one day. Then if you are already you can use it for 10-15 minutes.


Another dark circles under eyes remedies by use a teabag. Because tea contains tannins which have a function to reduce swelling and fade different skin colors. The method of application is the same as when applying cucumber slices.

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There are many natural ways and steps that you can choose to treat or get rid dark circles on your eyes. You can use natural ingredients at home and using these ingredients will not cause dangerous side effects.

Raw Potatoes

You can also use raw potatoes. The method is quite easy, namely wash the raw potatoes, then blend until smooth. After that, take about one hand and place it over the closed eye, as well as the other eye. Let stand for about 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water until clean.

Tips To Avoid Dark Circles Under Eyes

The Best Times to Drink Water
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Apart from these ingredients, you can also use almond oil, because almond oil contains vitamin E.

This vitamin functions to neutralize dark circles under the eyes and make your skin brighter. You can choose the dark circles under eyes remedies in treating facial conditions.

As you know, vitamin E plays a very good role in caring for skin health. So, you can also take vitamin E to get healthy facial skin conditions and avoid damage. You can also take vitamin C which is also good for treating skin conditions.

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Another thing you can do is avoid stress by doing all the activities that make you happy. Because if you are stressed it will affect your skin condition. As much as possible, find fun activities that will keep you happy.

Not only stress, but dark circles can also arise when many negative compounds accumulate in the body. You can reduce these negative compounds by doing regular exercise. Because you can remove these compounds through sweat during exercise.

Don’t miss to consume mineral water regularly every day, at least consume 2 liters of mineral water a day. Consuming this mineral water can help flush out toxins in the body. All of these are dark circles under eyes remedies that you can easily do at home.

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