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6 Best How to Get Rid of 'Maskne' Mask Acne - Okay Life
how to get rid of mask acne

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Get rid of mask acne. Since we can’t live without a mask today, some of us may suffer from the maskne. Maskne or mask acne is a severe effect we may get from using masks too often.

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Mask acne can cause pimples and result in several skin issues such as irritation, bumpiness, and redness. How can you get rid of mask acne?

Maskne refers to some skin conditions which may be caused by wearing covering or face mask. The conditions can include acne that happens when face pores are clogged with dead skin cells, dirt, and oil. Acne can cause blackheads, pimples, or whiteheads.

How to Treat Maskne and Get a Healthier Face Skin

Due to the pandemic today, you are still required to wear your mask no matter what your condition is. If you suffer from maskne because of this new regulation, there are some things that will help you treat the symptoms of maskne

mask acne
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1. Washing Your Face Skin Regularly

One or your routine today is to wash your hands. But don’t forget to keep following the skin care routine regularly in order to help your skin to stay healthy.

Always wash your face in the morning, at night before you go to bed, after wearing the mask, and after sweating.

You may have to spend more time washing your face but it is the easiest way you can do to keep your face skin free from dirt and oil that cause the maskne. Wash your face with lukewarm water and pat your face skin to dry it with the clean towel. Don’t rub the face skin since it will lead to irritation.

2. Using The Cleanser that is Gentle for Your Skin

Gentle cleanser is going to help you remove bacteria, excess oil, and sweat. To get rid of mask acne you should never use cleansers which contain perfume and alcohol.

Both ingredients are able to cause irritation while making your maskne symptoms become harder to heal.

For a more severe maskne, consider using a medicated cleanser that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. But if your face skin is sensitive, ask for a recommended cleanser that is good for your sensitive skin from your dermatologist or your doctor.

3. Applying Moisturizer and Cortisone Cream that Contains Ceramides

If the maskne symptoms that appear on your face skin involve raw skin and irritation, cortisone cream that is mild can be applied to the affected area along with the moisturizer which contains ceramides. Combination of both will protect the skin while relieving irritation and itching.

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4. Stop using makeup during the Maskne Treatment

You need to focus in getting rid of your maskne and should not put your makeup on until all the maskne is gone. Beauty products such as concealer, blush, and foundation will clog the face pores of your face skin while prolonging the healing process.

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5. Spreading the antibiotic cream to your face skin

Bacteria can build up right under your mask and it will lead to acne. In order to prevent this, you can ask your dermatologist about the recommended topical antibiotic gel or cream that is safe to be applied on your face skin before you put on the face mask.

6. Using some moisturizer before you put on the mask

Dry skin is easy to get irritated. Go get moisturizer that is non comedogenic and apply it on your face skin to hydrate the skin. Moisturizer will also serve as the barrier that keeps your face skin separated from the face mask.

Some other important things you can do to get rid of mask acne are washing your fabric masks routinely, after each use.

If you prefer disposable masks, toss them after every use. Remove the face mask after 4 hours and give your face a 15 minutes rest.





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