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How to Keep Data Safe on Public Networks - Okay Life
keep data safe on public networks

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Free WiFi is heaven for everyone! But do you know that free WiFi in public places can harm your data? Keep reading to find some tips on how to keep data safe on public networks.

Public spaces like coffee shops, hotels, airports, shopping centers, schools, and offices usually offer free WiFi that you can use. But, is free WiFi secure? As the WiFi is open to the public, it is easier for hackers to access the connected devices.

Make sure you always secure your data before connecting to any public network. But how? Here are some ways that you can try:

Keep Your Device Safe

Firewall as Your Defender

A firewall can set a network to a public network or a private network. How do firewalls work?

Firewalls work by turning on the discovery features if you are on a private network, and turning it off whenever you are on a public network. It is important whether you want to open your data or not.

Beware of Suspicious Links

Last, always think twice if you are about to open unknown links. Suspicious links on free WiFi is something that is often encountered.

Sometimes a message can pop up on your browser, in your email, or even in your social media. If you are not sure what the sites are about, just leave them behind

Use Secure Connection

keep data safe on public networks
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The simplest way to block your computer access to the outside world is to use VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It encrypts your data and changes your IP Address with theirs.

Now the problem is, how to use VPN on public WiFi? You can simply download any VPN software and install it in your device. A free one usually contains ads, but if you often connect to public networks, a great VPN application will cost a little.

Visit HTTPS Sites Only

Different with HTTP that stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, the HTTPS has a ‘Secure’ word added. Means, the site is safe for you.

HTTPS is secure over public hotspots. So, if you need to access a public network without any VPN or Firewall, just make sure you visit the secure sites.

Use Your Mobile Data When Accessing Some Important Apps

If you really need to access your email, mobile banking or marketplace to buy something with your credit card, you should consider doing it with your mobile data.

You can just access the applications via your mobile phone, or change the network connected in your other devices.

Using a public network is something you can’t avoid. Even in familiar places like the office and school, there is still a chance for hackers to take your data.

Don’t worry! Follow the tips above on how to keep data safe on public networks and you are ready to go!

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