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How to Make Hair Growing Long Faster and Healthy - Okay Life
treatment thinning hair

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Speaking about growing long faster and healthy hair, we can always trust nature. No matter how great those beauty products think they are, they contain chemicals that may harm our beloved crown. But nature doesn’t bring harmful effects, only huge benefits for those who use them.

Among so many natural remedies that are able to help, here are five of them that have been proven effective in helping you grow healthier and stronger hair. Find those amazing remedies below.

Let Nature Help Your Hair Growing Faster and Healthy

essential oil for hair
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Your hands are part of nature, right? So you can use them to treat your hair and make them grow longer and healthier. Use your hands to massage your scalp. Massaging the scalp every day will help relieve the tension and stress. If you are not stressed, your hair will be more beautiful.

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These are some other parts of nature that will help such as these five incredible ingredients:

1. Coconut oil

The fatty acids in coconut oil will penetrate into your hair shaft then reduce any protein loss. Apply coconut oil to your hair after hair wash or before, depending on the hair type you own.

Those who have oily hair can do the leave-in treatment overnight. Applying coconut oil hours before hair wash will also help.

2. Geranium oil

This other oil product from nature will boost your circulation and promote better hair growth. To use geranium oil you can mix it with a carrier oil. The mixture will create a nice hair mask. Or mix a few drops of geranium oil with your conditioner and shampoo to strengthen, restore, and hydrate your hair.

3. Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil will be a great choice to reduce your hair loss problem and growing long faster and healthy hair. This kind of oil can even treat androgenetic alopecia. Use this oil by mixing it with a carrier oil. Massage the mixture to your scalp and hair before you rinse.

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It is important to do the routine a few times a week. Avoid using rosemary oil directly on your hair and scalp. If you don’t want to mix it with a carrier oil, mix it with your shampoo and use it to wash your beloved hair.

4. Fish oil

This one is not to be applied on your hair and scalp but to be consumed. Fish oil is a great source of omega fatty acids, proteins, and nutrients that are able to improve hair growth from the inside.

Consider taking omega supplements and antioxidants in order to improve the diameter and density of hair.

The combination between omega supplements and antioxidants will also reduce your hair loss problem. Omega fatty acids are going to boost immunity and help the cells to work properly. This leads to much better health as long as you consume the supplement according to the suggested dosage.

Use Aloe Vera to Reduce Dandruff

Everybody knows this amazing natural product. Aloe Vera is the best ingredient to condition your hair and sooth your scalp. It can even help reduce dandruff while unblocking the hair follicles which are blocked by the excess oil.

Take that pure gel of Aloe Vera and apply it to your hair and scalp several times a week. Conditioner and shampoo that is made of Aloe Vera are also a good alternative.

Those remedies provided by nature are worth a shot. Before deciding to go to a beauty salon once a week, try the ideas above and see if nature is capable of growing long faster and healthy hair. If you still suffer from a bad hair loss that leads to baldness after those treatments, you need professional help.

treatment thinning hair
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