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How to Prevent Your Laptop from Overheating - Okay Life
Laptop Overheating

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As a technology user, you must know how to prevent the laptop from overheating. In an era with advanced technology like today, the use of laptops cannot be avoided anymore. In all sectors and every generation, you will use laptops in their daily lives.

Usually, laptop devices that are used continuously for hours will overheat. This is normal, but don’t leave it alone so that the laptop doesn’t lag or what is worse, causes the processor to die. We can do many ways to avoid overheating.

Generally, laptops have four small pads made of rubber at the bottom. These pads serve to keep the laptop in the same place when you use it. 

You can also put the laptop by providing a rather high support base so that there is stable air circulation.

Simple Methods to Prevent Laptop from Overheating

Like humans, laptops also need rest after long work. Let the laptop rest for at least 30 minutes, before later using it again. Resting the laptop in question is turning it off completely, not only stopping using it but the laptop is still on.

The cooling pad has a function to reduce or reduce the heat on the laptop by flowing fresh air through the bottom of the laptop so that the air circulation becomes smooth. The use of a cooling pad is one of the ways to prevent the laptop from overheating.

The laptop that we store in sleep mode does not make the laptop rest, even more so if a laptop that is in sleep mode is stored in a bag. If you keep the laptop in sleep mode in the bag, the heat generated by the fan will get trapped in the bag and make the laptop hotter.

If you want to keep your laptop in your bag and don’t want to turn it off, you should activate hibernate mode instead of sleep mode.

In addition to these methods, you can also clean the fan or heatsink on the laptop. This cleaning can be done by disassembling it. If you can’t do this disassembly, then it’s better to take the laptop to a trusted service place to disassemble and clean the fan on the laptop.

Make Sure Your Laptop Get Proper Rest

laptop hibernate
Source : pexels.com/@fotios-photos

You can prevent the laptop from overheating by using a cooling pad. Avoiding resting the laptop in sleep mode, cleaning the fan, or heatsink on your laptop can also streamline laptop use. Where we can run the tasks that you need to use a laptop.

More and more tasks performed by the operating system on your laptop have the potential to increase laptop temperature quickly. That way you can close tasks or software that you don’t use.

So, that laptop work is more stable and it’s not easy to experience an increase in laptop temperature.

For some laptop users who crave the performance of laptop components, especially the processor. Of course, they are no stranger to overclocking, this technique is intended to maximize the clock on the processor.

With the increasing clock, performance (especially speed) will increase, but the consequence is that overclocked laptop components will heat up easily.

You can try these various ways of using laptops in your daily life. The key to all of this is from the user, namely by adjusting the conditions of the laptop to the demands of the job. That’s how you can use it to prevent the laptop from overheating.




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