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How to Reduce Skin Sensitivity - Okay Life
Sensitive Skin

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Many people try to reduce skin sensitivity, that’s because having sensitive skin is very uncomfortable. Sensitive skin is a condition in which the skin is easily irritated due to an overreaction to several factors.

Sensitive skin can be caused by unclean or polluted air. The chemicals found in skincare and hygiene products can also be a factor for skin sensitivity and result in irritation. That way people with sensitive skin should be extra careful when choosing body care products.

People who have sensitive skin often feel complaints on the skin, such as itching, rashes, dryness, burning, or burning or burning on the skin. These complaints generally appear after the skin is exposed to certain substances or dry and cold air.

There are many ways to deal with sensitive skin, both natural and doctor-recommended drugs. If you have sensitive skin, you can wash your face twice every day using a gentle face wash made of gel and do not contain irritating substances.

Reduce Skin Sensitivity With Moisturizer and Skin Care

how to nourish your skin
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You can also use a moisturizer for sensitive skin. Try to find a moisturizer that has a gentle ingredient to prevent irritation. Also avoid skincare products that contain lipoic acid, glycolic acid, alpha-hydroxy acids, and the like.

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It’s a good idea to choose skincare products that are labeled hypoallergenic because products that are labeled are indeed created with formulations that have been tailored for sensitive skin. Make sure you always check the content in each product you use.

When doing hot outdoor activities, people with sensitive skin are encouraged to wear sunscreen. However, you need to choose a sunscreen that is safe for sensitive skin, namely those made from zinc and titanium.

Having sensitive skin should be extra in doing skin care. Starting from selecting products that are safe to use to how to apply them to sensitive skin areas. Keep in mind that everyone’s level of sensitivity is different, so you can’t just rely on people’s opinions.

Other Steps to Treat Sensitive Skin

Cleaning the body is very important for everyone, especially for those of you who have sensitive skin problems.

But it should be noted to limit bathing time because bathing too long can make the skin become damaged. Just shower for 10-15 minutes and use soap which can reduce skin sensitivity.

To find out whether a product is irritating or not, you can test it first. You do this by simply rubbing the product on your arm, then let it sit for a while. If there is redness, itching, or even stinging, it means that the product is not suitable for you to use.

If you have difficulty dealing with or treating sensitive skin, you should consult with people who are experts in their fields. You can consult the nearest dermatologist who understands skin problems.

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Make sure you have consulted all complaints so that you can find out the causes and steps that need to be taken.

Starting from diligently cleaning the room or house we live in, cleaning the body properly, and diligently we can do. The key is that you have to be willing to maintain cleanliness wherever you are, because from those little things you can reduce skin sensitivity.



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