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How to Remove Stretch Marks Fast Naturally - Okay Life
remove stretch masks

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Stretch marks are a condition commonly experienced by women. Most women will look for ways to remove stretch marks fast naturally. Stretch marks are usually experienced by women after giving birth.

But apart from being experienced by women, stretch marks can also be experienced by men. For that, you must be able to maintain your body condition by taking good care of it and avoiding the use of chemicals that can cause allergies to the skin.

Stretch marks arise when there is excessive stretching of the skin. But stretch marks can also occur due to consuming drugs with high levels of steroids, lack of nutrition, and because of obesity (overweight) The body becomes thin in a short time.

Having stretch marks on the skin can be irritating. Even if they appear on parts of your body that are covered. Stretch marks can still interfere with your self-confidence.

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There are 2 ways to remove or reduce stretch marks on the body, namely the medical method and the natural way.

If you do not want to use medical methods, you can use natural methods. The first is by consuming 2 liters of mineral water every day. By consuming this mineral water can help accelerate the regeneration process of skin cells.

Remove Stretch Marks with Home Remedies

aloe vera and lemon to get rid of acne scars
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1. Lemon

Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, which is useful as an antioxidant. Also, it contains alpha-hydroxy acids which can counteract free radicals in the skin.

The method is very easy, just apply lemon juice on the stretch marks This will help to spur skin regeneration which makes the stretch marks disappear quickly.

2. Potatoes

You can also remove stretch marks naturally using potatoes. Because this ingredient is known to have minerals that act as natural antibiotics to help regenerate skin. This ingredient can also be used to reduce stretch marks gradually.

3. Egg White

Not only used to treat facial beauty, but you can also use egg whites to treat other body parts such as stretch marks. This is because egg whites contain protein and a source of micronutrients, which function to plump and brighten your skin.

4. Aloe Vera Gel

Using aloe vera gel regularly for stretch marks can also help keep the skin healthy and firm so that the stretch marks will disappear on their own. The benefits of aloe vera cannot be doubted, especially in the field of beauty.

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Keep your skin moisturized because dry skin can cause unwanted stretch marks. Because it is better to prevent than to cure, so if your skin is still in good condition. You should take care of it properly.

Other Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

olive oil to remove stretch marks
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1. Vitamin E

You can also use vitamin E. This vitamin is believed to be effective and effective for treating skin problems. You can use vitamin E regularly by rubbing it on your stretch marks. Consuming it to get maximum results.

2. Castor Oil

Not only olive oil, but also castor oil has also been proven effective to get rid of stretch marks naturally. Because castor oil contains a lot of vitamin E which functions to regenerate skin.

It is easy, just apply castor oil on the stretch marks 2 times every day. Olive oil is known to be effective in beauty, as well as to remove stretch marks naturally.

3. Cocoa Butter

You can also use cocoa butter. This is because cocoa butter has mineral content that has been proven to be good for skin health. Cocoa butter can be used to soften, moisturize, and act as an antidote to free radicals on the skin.

4. Olive Oil

Olive oil contains linoleic acid which maintains the moisture content in the skin. And, olive oil also contains antioxidants, namely polyphenols, which have benefits to help regenerate damaged skin.

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Don’t forget to keep track of your weight. Because if you are overweight it will also cause stretch marks. Finally, you can exercise regularly because when you exercise your skin will naturally tighten itself. Those are the various ways you can do to remove stretch marks fast naturally.

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