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How to Solve While Computer Infected with Malware - Okay Life
infection malware

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The following is some scenarios while a computer is infected with Malware. This might be rather sad news that almost everyone faces it. To help you handle it safely without losing your data, check these scenarios out.

Common Signs of Malware Infection

Watch out for these malware infection signs on your computer while running Windows.

Your Computer is Acting Weird and Slow

In fact, there are some possible causes, such as RAM memory is low, no storage space on your computer hard disk, your browser uses too many computer resources, the system is fragmented, outdated drivers.

Your Computer is Freezing for No Clear Reason

If you see “Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)”, it is triggered by Malware. How to fix the computer while infected with Malware : 

Use Registry Editor (Regedit.exe) and “run command or CMD”. If you are curious about getting Malware Infection, run a complete scan on this system.

“You’re Running Out of Disc Space on Windows (C:)>”

Have you ever read that warning message? Follow the following steps:

  • Check if your physical storage is increasing recently or some files have been changing their names.
  • Delete all unwanted files.
  • Use an anti-Malware solution.

Suspicious Warnings or Pop-up Ads

infection dangerous malware

If there are suspicious warnings that urge you to buy some types of Antivirus software (the ones that you never heard of), just do not take any offer. It may be the hackers trying to get into your personal information or money.

Apply the following security measures to keep your computer away from those suspicious threats:

  • Ignore. Do not click on the pop-up windows. Sometimes, if you visit a website or download the application appears to pop up information that you have a message or get a gift. 
  • Do not open suspicious email attachments or some weird links. If you receive an unknown email, verify the sender’s address. This is one of the dangerous things, besides that your data will be lost or fall to other people
  • Free application? You better check before downloading. You don’t download or install any application that the developer doesn’t know.

PS: It is strongly suggest that DO NOT click any pop up appearing on your computer.

How to Prevent Your Computer Infected with Malware

  1. Maintain (update) all your installed programs, such as applications, anti-virus, and operating system.
  2. Only one anti-virus solution. Multilayer anti-virus protections often cancel each other, since they think that the other anti-virus is a virus.
  3. Automatic virus scan. Most recent anti-virus protections are supported with automation features.
  4. Restart in a safe mode. Which is by rebooting your computer, press and hold F8 (soon as a reboot is beginning), choose ‘safe menu’ from the appearing menu.

There are various ways to handle your computer that is infected with Malware. Try to act calmly and quickly to solve the problem.

infection malware
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