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Makeup Tips for Covering Your Acne - Okay Life
tips for covering acne

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One that keeps up with the times is makeup, now many are using makeup tips for covering acne. It is not uncommon for those who have problems with acne to want to look good. So often makeup is used to cover pimples or acne scars for a more perfect appearance.

Not only can pimples interfere with external appearance, but acne scars can be very distracting as well. Acne scars can appear because acne is irritated. After all, it contains a lot of oil, dead skin, and bacteria in it.

Therefore, many try to cover up acne with the help of a concealer. But even a concealer will not be enough to cover acne and scars.

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You have to take several steps to cover the pimples and scars to get maximum results.

By following the steps that have been suggested, it is hoped that you will be able to disguise acne and scars. Although at first, it won’t be easy, if you continue to do it, you will get used to it. Don’t use the wrong makeup because it can have a bad effect on the skin.

How to Cover Up Acne With Makeup

tips for covering acne
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To cover acne more optimally, it is recommended that you use a primer first. Because primers have many color choices to deal with uneven skin tone.

After using the primer, you can continue using foundation or concealer.
You also have to recognize the primary color for its use, namely the purple color to reduce the dullness of the skin.

Peach or orange colors can be used to brighten your face, and green colors can use to disguise redness due to acne.

After primer, you also have to pay attention to the foundation you use. If you have acne scars, make sure you don’t use a foundation that makes your face shiny. Because products that produce shiny skin tend to show differences in skin texture.

That way you can choose a matte foundation if you want to better cover up acne. Don’t forget to choose a foundation that can control excess oil and doesn’t make your makeup cakey or look lumpy.

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Apart from a matte foundation, you should also choose a matte concealer in your makeup tips for covering acne. Not only matte but must have high coverage capability or be able to cover acne and scars perfectly when used and choose a concealer with a creamy texture.

In the next step to cover up acne, you can use powder on the face that has been finished. This loose powder serves to make makeup last longer and controls sebum on the face so that the face is not easy to sweat.

It doesn’t stop with the use of powder, if you want maximum results you can use a setting spray to end the makeup on your face. Don’t forget to choose a setting spray that contains hyaluronic acid to keep your face moisturized.

Also, pay attention to how to apply the correct makeup so you can get maximum results. You can use the stippling technique.

Which is the application of foundation using a brush by tapping the chili sauce gently to the face. This technique makes the foundation blend perfectly as makeup tips for covering acne.

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