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5 Reasons to Buy Health Insurance Right Now - Okay Life
Buy Health Insurance

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You may know that health insurance gives a lot of benefits, but you don’t think you need it. Here, we show why you have to buy health insurance right now. The reasons below will broaden your knowledge about the importance of buying health insurance than before.

The Reasons You Must Buy

Waiting Periods

You have to deal with waiting periods when you take a health insurance plan. The period varies from 30 days up to 4 years. In this period, you can’t make any claim.

That’s why you have to buy health insurance earlier. Elderly insurers seem too late to take their insurance. As a result, they can’t enjoy the benefits of having health insurance when they need it because of the waiting periods.

Let say insurers are often suffered from diseases, such as cataract, knee replacement, and many more in the waiting periods. The earlier you take a health insurance plan, the better so you can complete the waiting periods without any health issues.

No Claims Bonus

It doesn’t mean that your money is gone only because you don’t make a claim. Professional insurance companies even give their clients a bonus because they don’t make a claim. This bonus is known as the No Claim Bonus.

It is also the reason why you have to buy health insurance right now. The healthier you are while having a health insurance plan, the more bonus you can get from the plan. You can use the cumulative coverage amount to help you when you need a large coverage.

Manage Your Money Well

The older you are, the more things you need. One of the crucial things you need to consider of being older is your health. You have to save some of your money to cover if you have to be hospitalized or taking any medical treatments.

Buying a health insurance plan is one of the best strategies to manage your money well. You will always save your money for the insurance and take it when you have to. The earlier you take the insurance, the better because you can focus on other long-term investments.

There is nothing to worry about if you manage your money well. All you have to do is making money and enjoy the result of the investments a few years later, including the coverage from the health insurance plan.

Lifetime Renewability

Lifetime renewability is another benefit of taking health insurance immediately. The healthier you are, the bigger the possibility to take a policy that offers lifetime renewability.

Insurance companies check and approve your policy option based on your medical check-up. They will give lifetime renewability if you don’t have any health issues.

That’s why an older age insurer is hard to get lifetime renewability. Most of them don’t pass the medical check-up requirements. The benefit is that your health insurance can cover you for a long period and get the coverage that you need.

We Don’t Know What Happen to Us

A disease can attack you at any time. Some diseases need complex medication treatments and it needs a lot of money. Imagine if you don’t prepare the money from now.

You will not ready if you have to be hospitalized. The worse is that no one can cover the bills. Buying a health insurance plan earlier helps you to prepare for this condition well. The money can cover the medication bills, so you can focus on the treatment without anything to worry about.

Buy Health Insurance
Source : pexels.com. Gabby K

Best Health Insurance Companies

After understanding the benefits of health insurance, it is time to look at the best health insurance companies. There are several criteria that make health insurance companies the best, such as available hospitals, specialist doctors, and of course the benefits you get. Here are the best insurance companies based on Investopedia.com

  • Aetna : Best for Medicare Advantage
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield : Best for Nationwide Coverage
  • Cigna : Best for Global Coverage
  • Humana : Best for Umbrella Coverage
  • Kaiser Foundation Health Plan : Best for HMOs
  • United Healthcare : Best for the Tech Savvy
  • HealthPartners : Best for the Midwest
  • Harvard Pilgrim : Best for New England
  • Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan : Best for New York
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