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Shea Butter Benefits for Beauty Skin and Hair - Okay Life
Shea Butter Benefits

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Shea butter which comes in solid and very thick texture also has the buttery rich consistency. The texture of shea butter makes it perfect to be a natural remedy to be used as body butter, lip balm, and eye cream. Also, there are many other shea butter benefits for our skin, hair, and even health.

Sixty percent of shea butter is fat, so it can easily penetrate your skin. No wonder people love using shea butter as moisturizer. If you are considering getting the shea butter, you need to learn more about what this butter is capable of.

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The Karite tree or Shea tree provides the beneficial shea butter that brings mild UV protection as well as nutrients and essential fatty acids that are needed by our skin to produce collagen. Since there are different opinions about this butter edible or not, you better use it for external use only.

Use Shea Butter to Moisturize Your Skin

The fatty acids and natural vitamins concentration makes shea butter become incredibly nourishing for your skin.

To moisturize your skin with shea butter you can apply this butter to your entire body just like when you use the full body moisturizer. This moisturizer is also a perfect choice in winter.

Winter is when your skin becomes dry and shea butter will help if you rub the butter until your skin fully absorbs it.

If you want to apply this butter to your face, apply it at night so that it won’t bother your makeup. Don’t need to apply it too much since a little shea butter will be enough to moisturize your skin.

Reduce the Inflammation

Sensitive Skin

The next of shea butter benefits is to reduce the inflammation because it contains natural properties such as the cinnamic acid. A compound inside shea butter called lupeol cinnamate is capable of reducing the skin inflammation. That compound will also help you avoid the skin mutations.

Shea butter can even help people who have problems with acne. This ingredient can be applied directly on face skin.

You can also apply it directly to stretch marks or mix it with pregnancy salve as well. During a flu or cold, this shea butter can also be applied to your raw or sore.

If you have scars, shea butter can also be applied to the scars and it will help produce the collagen. Just don’t use it too much.

Nourish Your Hair with Shea Butter

how to nourish your skin

Everyone with different hair types can use shea butter to nourish their hair. For those who have lackluster looking hair, shea butter will make the hair look more alive.

For thin hair, apply shea butter only on the hair ends. Applying shea butter on the hair roots will create the oily look to your thin hair.

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Applying shea butter to the hair ends will also help you prevent the split ends. Replace your conditioner with shea butter then rinse your hair out in shower. If you want to use shea butter as a leave-in conditioner, use only a little of it to avoid that oily look.

Full Benefits from Unrefined Shea Butter

There are many types of shea butter, including unrefined or raw shea butter, unbleached shea butter, organic shea butter, and even Grade A shea butter.

If possible, pick the pure unrefined one instead of the processed one in the cosmetics and skincare products since the natural properties have been reduced.

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If you really want to get the full shea butter benefits, using the raw one is the best way. Make sure you get shea butter that still has beige color and nutty aroma. The refined shea butter has been altered chemically and the pureness of the shea butter has been diminished.

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