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Simple Ways to Fix Your Slow Computer - Okay Life
fix slow computer

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Get some troubles with your PC? Let’s find out the easiest yet simplest ways to fix your slow computer right here.

Finding some lag when operate a PC seems really overwhelming. What’s more, in this pandemic era when everything should be done online, you don’t want to see the PC performs unsatisfying.

A major problem can be found when you find PC performs so slowly. No need to angry or frustrated, it’s exactly easy to overcome when you know how to do it correctly.

Instead of calling IT support or tech immediately, why don’t you take a look into some simple ways of fixing this device without much effort?

From understanding common reasons that make your personal computer slows down to the perfect ways about how to avoid these, let’s fix your slow computer straightaway with these solutions below.

Why The Computer Slowing Down?

However, before you try to find out the answer what actually bring slowness into your motherboard, better to know what things cause trouble over this machine. At least, there are 3 main reasons cause this problem.

1. Antivirus Scans

There might be many things you can blame for this issue, but antivirus software can be the most common thing to be mistaken. Technically, antivirus software is possible to make the system running so slow as it doing scans for any viruses or malware on the computer. Best Solutions While Computer Infected with Malware.

2. Startup Apps

If your device looks slowing down, it’s time to check any apps installed on your PC. Mostly slowness happens when the device is booting up. Any apps that run startup may probably cause this issue.

To fix your slow computer, users can reorganize services and apps to avoid problems as it runs while you’re logging in. In order to do this way, just open “Task Manager”.

3. Browser Overload

The more windows you open, the slower your device runs. Do you know that opening windows and tabs will take a lot of memory? Further, it also takes up processing power and causes slowness over this machine.

Speed-Up Your Slow Computer

turn off pc
Source : pixabay.com. Lemonsandtea

After recognizing what things possibly drive the computer running slowly, now let’s find out the best solutions to avoid these issues.

1. Close Running Apps

Close any apps that you don’t use anymore can throw slowness away from your notebook. Make sure you’re always close all apps when you’re done. In order to know does it close or not, find the notification tray.

2. Check Storage Availability

Fix your slow computer can also be done by checking storage availability. Some problems come from the hard drive or SSD that is getting older or running out of space.

If you’re not sure enough how to check the space correctly, just find any assistance from technicians.

3. Turning it Off

Sometimes your device can be performing well again by restarting or turning it off for a while. When you power the PC off, it will help the notebook to clear out the memory. Further, it can also give chances for a device to be fresher while turned on and booting.

Need some advice to fix back against the common problem that may come to your PC? Some best solutions above will help to fix your slow computer completely with no doubt.



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