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Tips to Speed up an Old PC Easily - Okay Life
how to Speed up an Old PC

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Sometimes you need to know what the best way to speed up an old pc as it will be little bit frustrating to dealing with. No matter how good your maintenance to this device. It will always be possibly slowing down.

Further, having more than 5 years old computer will make you face some troubles and issues. If you find the PC that performs very slow and looks quite some time, no need to worry. Instead of trading it on the market, why don’t you just try to fix this problem own your own?

There are several steps to boost your device performance you can easily try. From removing unimportant things to taking a technical option. Down below you’ll find some solutions how to speed up an old pc effectively.

Upgrade RAM to Speed Up

upgrade ram to speed up an old PC

Upgrading RAM (Random Access Memory) will be the essential thing anyone with old computer should do. However it’s a main component that is running all processes at the same time on your PC. Though it takes essential role in the system, it is still easy to install.

Beforehand, check what types of the notebook to make sure that the device you need is suitable with the computer you have.

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For instance, if you’re going to do multitasking but computer you have only provides 2 GB RAM, better for you to upgrade it to 4 GB RAM.

Technically, the programs that are running will fill up the availability of the memory. Meanwhile, the processor should load data from that slow hard disk. To avoid this issue, taking a step to speed up and old pc is a necessity.

Remove Malware and Spyware

infection malware
Malware Found. Source : pixabay. kalhh

Beside the issue you find on the RAM, malware or spyware can be causes that make your PC performing so slowly.

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Sometimes you don’t aware what software or programs installed on the devices. What is more, it also leads your computer into slowness due to this unintentionally software. This issue brings some symptoms including:

  1. There is unrecognized pop-ups
  2. settings of the computers suddenly changing
  3. Unwanted components pop up on the web browser

Clean Out Temporary Files

When there is another option to speed up an old PC, now it’s time to take an attempt to next solutions. As it will help computer perform better, cleaning out disk space is another option you can take.

Disk cleanup features several fixing-performance options including deleting temporary files, cleaning recycle bin, and removes all unimportant things that are not needed anymore.

Then how to clean up your disk space? Take a look into these following steps.

  1. Find the “start button” then search “disk cleanup”.
  2. Then you find the list of drives. There, you can find the hard drive you really want to remove the unimportant files there.
  3. For taking clean up action, find “cleanup tab” and list all the files you want to delete and finish this step by clicking “ok”.

It may seem hard when you have no idea how to overcome any troubles on your PC.  Especially when it comes to lag and slow performance.

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However, by following the tips to speed up an old pc, you’re possible to bring back a great performance of your old computer easily.

how to Speed up an Old PC
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