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The Best Beaches to Visit Around Fort Myers Beach, Florida - Okay Life
Best Beaches to Visit around Fort Myers Beach, Florida

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Florida is very famous for its Fort Myers beaches. But the beaches around Fort Myers also have a view that is no less beautiful.

When visiting Florida, you must squeeze the time to visit various beaches that offer beautiful views.

The South Coast is perhaps one of the most talked-about beaches in the world. Around this beach some restaurants and bars are crowded with visitors. You can also go on vacation with your loved ones.

There is one island which is a barrier island, this island is Sanibel Island. This island has a very beautiful view and can be used as one of the destinations that you can choose for a romantic vacation with your loved ones.

It is known for having beautiful shells, birds of various species, and no traffic lights. On this island, you will be offered a remote island view. So this place is great for those of you who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Beauty Beaches Around Fort Myers

clearwater beach florida
Source : pixabay.com/Mariamichelle

1. Siesta Beach

There is a beach that has a coastline of eight miles, namely Siesta Beach. Where this beach has extraordinary beauty.

You can see a beautiful sparkle like a pure quartz crystal because the beach sand here has a beautiful luster. This place is also seeing as a destination for a honeymoon.

2. Clearwater Beach

You can also visit Clearwater Beach which is known to have always warm water from the Bay. Which offers lots of beachside fun.

Enjoy the gentle sea waves while being accompanied by the attractions of street performers who entertain the visitors. You can also enjoy a variety of fresh seafood.

3. Pensacola Beach

You can find valuable experiences at Pensacola Beach, where usually many turtles visit the shore. On this beach you can also see dolphins moving closer to the beach, so you can see them even if you are just standing on the beach.

Vacationing to the beach is indeed the choice that many have chosen because the beach has extraordinary beauty.

4. Key State Park

One of them is Lovers Key State Park, which is located between Fort Myers and Naples, where you can row and fish. The scenery offered by the beaches around Fort Myers is indeed very beautiful.

Recommended Tourist Attractions in Florida

delray beach florida
Source : pixabay.com/glennismc

Fort Lauderdale Beach is often referred to as spring break beach. But now the term is no longer used because now the beach has become a chic destination and always offers fine shopping and fine dining.

Located in the wider Miami metropolitan area, Delray Beach is also perfect for you to visit. You can participate in water sports or sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.

You will love spending time here. This beach is perfect for rowing because the water conditions are so calm.

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There are many beaches that you can visit while in Florida, such as Panama City beach. The beach is arguably home to nature reserves, fishing piers, and hiking trails. You who have an adventurous spirit will like this beach.

One of the beaches that you can’t miss is Cocoa Beach because this beach offers everything. There is much to do here other than an energetic pier, miles of coastline, and waves perfect for surfing.

For those of you who have plans to go to Florida, you must include the beaches around Fort Myers on the list of places to visit.

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