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The Best Classic Games for Children - Okay Life
the best classic game for children

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Raising kids in 2021 is somewhat tricky. Especially for you who have been tired of seeing them holding their gadget all the time. This is the right time to repaint your childhood memories with some best classic games for children.

The Best Classic Board Games

1. Scrabble

This board game does not have any gender nor age. Besides challenging, it improves your vocabulary. Please put a dictionary next to you.

2. Clue

This life-changing mystery game can be a little tense. Your teenagers might love this one.

3. Sorry!

This is one of the classic games for children and adults. Spending the winter nights playing this game might be a great idea. There you will find lots of chances and luck. And how delightful sending your opponents to slide backward.

4. Chinese Checkers

Winter during a pandemic? What should you and your family do? Yes, Chinese Checkers. It can be played by up to 6 players, so why isn’t it perfect for a family gathering?

5. Monopoly

This is another all-time favorite by most people around the world. and each country has its own version of monopoly. This real estate game can be your chance to teach them about money skills, such as selling, buying, saving, etc.

Classic Yard Games for Children

classic games hide and seek
Source : pixabay.com. martinedehart

After getting bored of being inside your house all day long, try to do the following classic yard games for children and adults.

1. Hide and Seek

No matter how old are you, playing this timeless game is always super fun. Get yourselves entertained around the yard. Just before playing, make sure the safety of each corner.

2. Blind Man’s Bluff

Three players and a blindfold are all you need. Start this game by choosing who will be the seeker, and put the blindfold on. Afterward, turn him/ her around (you better not too fast doing this), and start hiding anywhere

3. Capture The Flag

This is one of the classic games for children that is more fun with lots of players. There are two teams (the number of members is of your choice). Each team has its own territory. Count whose team is reaching the flag first.

During this pandemic, classic games for children and adults are kind of great to build a strong mood and bond between family members. Everyone must stay healthy and happy.

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