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The Best Movies of 2021 to Get Excited - Okay Life
the best movies of 2021

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After getting through a chaotic pandemic year. Finally, 2021 seems to be one of the big years with numerous best movies of 2021. It is such refreshing news due to how many projects and schedules need to be delayed, even canceled, last year.

Although the vaccine has been finally found, this condition seems will continue, especially in the theatrical distribution. However, there are lots of amazing blockbuster films to see in 2021. Since it will be difficult to put the movies in the cinema, streaming services is the best option of all.

Through Disney Plus, HBO Max, or other streaming services, you can look around some backlog of huge movies to release last year that now cram into this year. Yes, you can definitely see either new or postponed films online.

Comedy Movies

If you prefer comedy rather than other genres, there are lots of best movies of 2021 you need to put on the list. After the heartbreak COVID incident, you need to refresh your mind with something that can release your stress.

  • Our Friend. Scheduled to release this January, this upcoming movie will be starred by Dakota Johnson, Casey Affleck, and Jason Segel. It shows the inspiring true story of Matt and his family. How they are struggling with Nicole’s terminal cancer and Matt’s responsibility as husband and caretaker.
  • Cinderella. If you’re into Camila Cabello and want to see her acting skill, this movie should be on your list. As its movie name, the story will be about the fairy tale of Cinderella with some comedy as the additional attractions.
  • Locked Down. This romantic comedy heist movie will be starred by Chiwetel Ejiofor and Anne Hathaway. Will be released this January 2021, it talks about a couple who try to heist a famous jewelry store.

Horror-Thriller Movies

If you want something more exciting, horror or thriller films will be the best options. Luckily, there are so many best movies of 2021 that come up with that kind of genre. Some of the best recommendations are

  • Shadow in The Cloud. The plot focuses on World War II where Cloe Grace Moretz will be a flight officer with a mysterious mission. It ended with some stories where she attacked someone who attacks her bomber.
  • The Little Things. Being starred by Jared Leto, Rami Malek, and Denzel Washington as the main character, the film tells about a Deputy Sheriff who joins forces to look for a serial killer in Los Angeles. Unexpectedly, the investigation leads to Sheriff’s uncovered past secret.

Animation Movies

If you want something relaxing and enjoy animated films, 2021 also will give you so many best movies of 2021. From the classic cartoon to a new story, there are plenty of animations you can see.

  • Tom and Jerry. Will be released through HBO Max and some theaters (if it is possible) this February, the film will bring back classic Tom and Jerry characters. However, it will be added with some modern revamp and several dueling scenes with a luxurious hotel in Manhattan as the background.
  • Encanto. This Disney film took a story about a Colombian normal girl who got extraordinary adventures since she was born into a magical family. The directors of Zootopia, Jared Bush and Byron Howard will take a part in this movie too.

Along with these upcoming movies above, other genres also will help you deal with 2021 ahead. Science-fiction films like Outside the Wire, Little Fish, and so on will take part to enliven your day.

Whatever your genre is, it will be worth it to look for the tickets online and watch your preferred best movies to watch this year, online or in the cinema.

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