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Grow Thinning Hair: Tips and Treatment - Okay Life
thinning hair

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Many of you are looking for ways to treatment for thinning hair, thinning hair is very influential on self-confidence. You can do more intensive hair care. One of them is using a shampoo with the right formula and can nourish the hair and scalp.

Pay attention to your health level first, because your health is very influential on the condition of your hair. If you are deficient in iron, zinc, and fatty acids then you are likely to experience hair loss. So, try to always consume nutritious foods.

Try to avoid using a blow-dry when drying your hair after shampooing. Because the use of blow-dry not only dries hair but also makes hair brittle and easy to fall out. So, let your hair dry naturally after shampooing.

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Avoid hair coloring, especially using bleaching before dyeing your hair, as this can cause hair to fall out. Hair dye contains hydrogen peroxide which can penetrate hair follicles and remove natural pigments, this is what causes hair to break easily and fall out.

Steps to Treatment

treatment thinning hair
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For those of you who are cigarette addicts, try to reduce or stop smoking activities. Because cigarette smoke can damage hair follicles. There has been a lot of research conducted on smokers and non-smokers, where smokers are more closely related to hair loss.

Massage on the scalp also has the effect of reducing hair loss. This is because during the massage there is a smooth blood flow and there is direct stimulation. By massaging the coolie, the hair will also become thicker or stronger.

Stress and anxiety also greatly affect thinning hair, so you must be able to control your emotions, so you do not get stressed or anxious easily.

Besides controlling stress, you should also avoid some styling products, such as clay, gel, and pomade.

As you know that castor oil can reduce hair loss, this is the one that most people used to be. You only need to apply castor oil on the scalp and then you can massage it gently, this will improve blood flow and treatment for thinning hair naturally.

How to Grow Thinning Hair

essential oil for hair
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The shampoo is also very influential on the condition of the hair, you must be able to find the right shampoo product to treat hair loss. What you can do is look for shampoo products that are specifically for treating hair loss. Look for shampoos that contain vitamins and amino acids.

Try to do hair care naturally, if you cannot do it, consult your doctor first. Do not forget to eat lots of foods that contain vitamins, nutrients, and protein for better hair condition.

Because in addition to treatment from the outside, you are also better off doing maintenance from within.

In addition to these natural methods, you can also do acupuncture, because according to traditional Chinese medicine practitioners hair health is related to the kidneys and blood. There are cases when acupuncture has been able to help reduce thinning hair in women within weeks to months after treatment.

You can also use essential oils to treat thinning hair. Rosemary oil is one of the best essential oils for stimulating hair growth. This oil is believed to increase cell metabolism which can stimulate the treatment for thinning hair.




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