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Tips to Use a Curling Iron on Your Hair for Best Result - Okay Life
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Using curling iron is never easy, especially if you are new to this. There are rules to everything, including in curling your hair.

You need to know how to hold the curling iron’s barrel. The temperature you need to set, and some other tips you need to know.

No matter how long your hair is and how you want to style that hair using the curling iron. The tips you’ll see below will effectively help you.

The Proper Ways to Use Curling Iron

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The success in curling your hair using curling iron is also affected by the tool you use. We’ll start from the very beginning right now.

1. Use the right curling iron with the right barrel

People believed that bigger curling iron would create more beachy waves. If that is what you used to think, you need to change your mind.

If you use a curling iron that is too huge for the hair length you own, it will be hard to create the curls.

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For short to medium length hairs, curling iron with a barrel that the diameter is 1 inch is the right option. For you who have longer hair curling iron with 1¼ inches barrel is the best choice. The 1¼ inches barrel is also perfect to help you get the looser curls.

2. Apply hairspray before you start using the curling iron

There are two reasons why applying hairspray before curling is important. First, applying hairspray only when you have done curling the hair will increase the risk of getting your hair fall flat.

Second reason is applying the hairspray before you start curling will help prepare your hair to be curled.

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Hairspray with a light hold or firm hold that is sprayed before using curling iron will set the curls you create later. This is even more helpful for hair that is hard to be curled. But don’t use the hairspray too much since it will cause a dreaded burned smell to your hair.

Hairspray is recommended to be applied before use it. You should never think you can replace hairspray with hair oil since hair oil will weigh down the waves and make them look awful.

3. Set the heat of curling iron to match your hair

Each hair type requires different heat for the curling iron. It is not true that the hotter the iron the better your curls will be. The hotter temperature will only set your hair faster while destroying your hair whether it is fine, dry, or color treated.

If your hair is processed, always use it in a lower heat. But if you own healthy hair, you can use a little higher temperature.

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Coarse and thick hair can use the higher temperature to help set the hair more easily.

No matter what hair type you own, you need to use the heat protectant that will prevent the long lasting damage, especially if you love curling your hair.

4. Different curl type requires different technique

Different techniques are required if you want to get different types of curls and waves. If you need to get that glamour curl like the old school one. You want the entire of your hair around the curling iron’s barrel. For more modern and messier waves, you can start from the lower part of your head.

Clip iron is going to be the right tool to help you create the glam waves. And to get the loose and beachy waves, you are going to need the curling wand.

Make sure you follow every single tip about using curling iron above. To get the best curls that really match your hair type in much more easy steps.

Hopefully useful for you. For cooperation and inquiries, please contact our team at support@okaylife.net

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