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Tips Work From Home without Overeating - Okay Life
Tips Work from Home without Overeating

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Some of you are maybe looking for tips work from home. It is especially to avoid someone from overeating. Basically, it is like a new normal in this COVID-19 pandemic where people can do their job or school homework from home.

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That is why, this activity is looked more relaxing than the common activities done at school or in the office. You may do all the jobs while cleaning the house, watching television, and so on. It cannot be denied that snack is like a must-have item.

So many people love snacking while working from their house. This habit can trigger overeating for sure.

That is why, you need to know some right tips work from home without overeating. Find out the recommendation from the experts below.

Drink Water Before Eating

The Best Times to Drink Water
Source : freepik.com/racool-studio

Drinking water before eating can make someone feels full right away. That is why, you will not eat too many foods. In the other words, you can say that this thing can help to reduce the meal portion. There is a recommended research about it.

A research stated that drinking about 1.5 liters of water every day for 8 weeks can help to reduce weight and appetite. If you drink often, it will make the brain sends the signal of satiety and make a person not eat too much.

Another great tip to work from home without overeating is eating on a small plate. Psychologically, a person will take more portions when using a big plate. That is why; using the small one is able to reduce the portion. It is so effective.

Furthermore, this tip will help you to consume less food without feeling deficient. Although the portion is smaller, make sure that it still contains the balanced nutrients. The examples are carbohydrates, vegetables, protein, and many more again.

Get Enough Sleep and Don’t Get too Stressed

Women Get Enough Sleep
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High-quality sleep can help to decrease the hungry feeling and avoid you from gaining more weight. A recommended health source stated that too little sleeping time will increase the appetite and hungry feeling up to 24%.

That is why, make sure to get enough sleep at night for about 7-8 hours long. During work from home, stay up late less and try to get a regular sleep schedule. Furthermore, it is also recommended not to get too stressed.

A corona pandemic like this makes a lot of people have more risks to be stressed. If you are in that position, make sure to maintain it properly. The tips work from home related to it is reducing your stressful feeling. Why?

A research-proven that stress can increase the amount of cortisol hormone. The high amount of this hormone will add to your desire to eat. Furthermore, it will reduce the peptide hormone which acts as an agent to make you feel full after eating.

Exercising Regularly at Home

Best Exercises To Do At Home For Women
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The other work from home without overeating is that to have regular exercise. This activity can reduce the activation of the brain area. It is especially a part that is related to your desire to eat. Exercising also has another benefit.

In fact, it will reduce the amount of hormone which triggers the hungry feeling while increasing the feeling of fullness.

There are some exercises that you can do during the quarantine. The examples are aerobic, a simple push up, sit up, walking around the house, etc.

Exercise can make you feel fresh and healthy. It is good for the psychological condition. Furthermore, it is also beneficial to burn out calories.That is why, these tips work from home from the experts are quite good to avoid overeating habits.





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