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The Reasons to Travel to California During the Winter - Okay Life
Tarvel to California in the winter

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You want to try travel to California during winter? Of course, there are many tourist attractions that you can visit in California.

Winter in California can be a very interesting experience that you can get, you can enjoy various kinds of activities there.

In California winter you can ski at Mount Mammoth. This mountain is indeed known as the best ski resort area. There are even new hotels, the Westin Monache Resort, and regular flights from San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

This ski resort is very close to cities in Southern California.
One of the street icons in San Francisco, Union Square, does look very special when you visit in winter. There are various decorations where you can see it and welcome the snow there with the people you care about.

South Lake Tahoe California will be very beautiful if you visit there in winter. Where the lake had frozen solid, and the ground around the lake was covered with snow. This lake is also an attraction that is owned by Nevada and California, and there are ski resorts that you can try.

Best Activities to Enjoy in California in the Winter

tahoe lake
Tahoe Lake. Source : pixabay.com/egorshitikov

Make sure the road you are going to pass is not closed because of the snow. That is too thick to close the road.

You can check the status of the highway through the Caltrans website. By entering the highway number into the search so you don’t get an error when taking the route.

Usually, the route that is closed is California Highway One. This road is often closed because it is a road that is very vulnerable to landslides. Road closures there can last for several weeks or as severe as months during winter and rain.

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Winter in California will usually come mild, except in the high mountains and the northern parts that are quite far from the state. This season usually runs from November to March. You also must stay alert to the rain that falls even if it’s only for a short time.

In one day, you can ski on Lake Tahoe from the morning and then enjoy the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean in the evening. It will rain now and then in winter. But you can still add this idea to your list of travel to California during winter.

Traditional California Christmas Celebrations

Enjoying winter in California is not wrong. You can do various activities or even just enjoy a relaxing time in winter. There are many ski resorts that you can try to get a new skiing experience.

If you want to celebrate a different Christmas, you can visit California. Even though Christmas is very short, California has a Christmas tradition that can be said to be unique.

You will not regret celebrating Christmas in California, because you will have a new, exciting experience.

In the winter you must pay attention to your health. Because if you are not fit you will not be able to enjoy your vacation properly.

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You can also take a walk or make a snowman near the inn with the people you care about while on vacation in California.

Holidays in the winter are usually things that everyone, including you, is always looking forward to. Because when it is winter everything will be white and beautiful. You can also play a snow fight with your closest ones when travel to California during winter.

Tarvel to California in the winter
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