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Understanding Types of Life Insurance - Okay Life
types of life insurance

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You have to understand life insurance well before taking it. Learning about the types of life insurance is one of the crucial things to do. Check the types of life insurance below and learn the detail to get the best one.

1. Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is also known as the death benefit. It is because when you die before the term is up, your insurance company gives the money to your representation.

This life insurance is suitable for anyone who wants to give the best for their beloved family even when you die. 

Some people take this insurance before its simplicity. You only have to pay the premiums as a lump sum, monthly, or annuity.

The term life insurance premium is also affordable compared to other types of life insurance plans. Insurance companies often offer term life insurance plan for 20 years old up to 35 years old insurers.

2. Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is different than term life insurance. This insurance doesn’t expire and even an investment for insurers. You will get a death benefit and a cash value from this insurance plan.

The companies give the cash value monthly in the form of rate of return. You can withdraw the cash value when it reaches a specific amount of value or you want to borrow the money.

The best thing is that this insurance offers lifetime coverage as long as you pay the premiums. This insurance is a good option for those who have long-term goals or dependents.

3. Universal Life Insurance

You will also get a cash value when you take universal life insurance. Like whole life insurance, the premiums are for the cash value and the death benefit.

The difference between universal life insurance and whole life insurance is that you can change the premium and the amount of the death benefit without getting a new policy. You can even skip the premium payment as long as you have enough money in the cash value.

4. Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Indexed universal life insurance is a type of universal life insurance. The difference is in the way the cash value works for the insurers.

The growth of the cash value between these two insurance plans is also different. Insurers have a right to choose the index to determine the cash value.

Insurance companies determine the interest rate for your policy based on the interest rate and performance of a specific index of a group of investments.

5. Variable Life Insurance

Variable life insurance is more like an investment for the insurers. You pay the premiums and allocate the money into a series of mutual funds.

As a result, you may get some decent growth. The risk is that you may also lose your money. Variable life insurance is for insurers who want to try to be an investor.

It is not suitable for those who want to focus on managing money for preparing for death or supporting their family from the coverage. Consult the right life insurance plan with your agent, so you can enjoy the benefits like what you want.

The Best Life Insurance Companies
Source : pixabay.com. Ramdlon

Based on bestliferates.org, it has been determined the best life insurance companies that have passed the selection process according to the procedure. Among others, customer service ratings, reviews, and compare the prices.

Several companies have been reviewed and evaluated based on price/value, financial strength, user experience, product availability, brand, and consensus. Below are 7 best life insurance companies in the United States that you can use as a reference.

  1. Northwestern Mutual
  2. New York Life
  3. MassMutual
  4. Pacific Life
  5. Banner Life
  6. The Guardian Life
  7. Principal Life






types of life insurance
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