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Simple Ways to Boost Your Immune System During COVID-19 - Okay Life
immunity boosters

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In this pandemic that doesn’t know when it will end, you have to add an immune system during COVID-19. To increase your immunity, you can do several ways because that way you will be stronger, and it is difficult to be exposed to the virus.

Everyone has a strong and good immune system, especially in a pandemic like this. Many people flock to maintain their immunity.

Either by complying with all health protocols or increasing the consumption of vitamins and supplements.

Adequate rest can also increase immunity because with enough energy you will not be susceptible to disease or the coronavirus. If you exert the energy you have, you can easily experience fatigue and make viruses come and stop in your body.

Apart from getting enough rest, you are also encouraged to do regular exercise during this pandemic. You just need to do light exercise at home without having to leave the house and come to the gym. Because if you visit a place to exercise it will be quite dangerous.

What You Can Do at Home

drink more waters during covid19
Source : pexels.com/@daria

After adequate rest and regular exercise, you must also eat nutritious and healthy foods. You can eat a variety of vegetables and foods that contain animal and vegetable protein, as well as foods that contain vitamins and fiber.

Some foods that are good for supporting immunity are broccoli and spinach. Both types of vegetables contain lots of vitamin A, you can also eat turmeric, garlic, various sea juices, and also various kinds of fruit such as lemon, kiwi, guava, and others.

Don’t forget and don’t miss consuming lots of water, and you should drink warm water. In addition to avoiding dehydration, plain water also functions to increase the body’s immunity. In a day, humans must consume at least two liters of water or more.

During a pandemic you should be able to avoid or even not smoke, this is because nicotine can increase the number of stress hormones or cortisol levels.

You are also advised not to consume alcohol because excessive alcohol levels can reduce the body’s immunity.

Activities to Maintain Immune System

wash your hands with soap
Source : pexels.com/@ketut-subiyanto

Another way that you can do as an immune system during COVID-19 is to manage stress because stress can cause an increase in the hormone cortisol which will lower immunity. In managing stress, you can do light exercise or activities that make you happy.

Don’t forget to keep the food you are going to consume clean. You also must always clean your hands after leaving the house. Wash the clothes you use to go out, and don’t touch the face area if you haven’t washed your hands with soap.

Vitamin D is needed to boost immunity during this pandemic; therefore, you are highly recommended to bask in the sun. But you can’t sunbathe carelessly. It’s better if you sunbathe every morning for a duration of 10 to 15 minutes.

Limit added sugar or reduce consumption of foods and drinks that contain lots of sugar. And the last is the consumption of vitamins and supplements that are safe and do function to increase immunity. That’s an easy way you can do as an immune system during COVID-19.




immunity boosters
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immunity boosters
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